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Back issues 2017

Issue 15 December 2017


This issue includes:

The Oreocereus of Peru and Chile

Paul Hoxey

Poisonous aloes in East Africa

Susie Allan

Growing aeoniums

Elizabeth Maddock

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii in Argentina

Rick Gillman

Issue 14 September 2017


This issue includes:


Kathy Flanagan

Doing it my way – Hybridising aloes

Sascha Meyer

Exploring along the Orange river

Chris Rodgerson

More sleuthing in Central Mexico

Paul Spracklin

Issue 13 June 2017


This issue includes:

Solving a riddle on Cerro La Laja 

Paul Spracklin

Sansevieria cultivation 

Al Laius

Growing Epithelantha from seed

Tony Roberts

Issue 12 March 2017


This issue includes:


Paul Klaassen

Fat tree philately

Rick Gillman

Some interesting Euphorbias – Zimbabwe

Bob Potter

Day trips for Conophytums

Chris Rodgerson


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